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In 2001 we were founded by Urs Reist and Heidi Jöhl Reist – at that time as a private, limited company. The idea was to offer consultancy for challenges and non-daily situations in the area of telecommunications. The only thing that was missing at the beginning was a corporate logo. So, the founder’s dog was used – a dalmatian whose spots were copied for the design. This logo has been used for more than 20 years.


As today’s management, we both were employees from the very beginning. We had the unique opportunity to experience the whole journey and support the growth – changing from a one man show to a public limited company with our team as supportive as a great big family behind us. Continuity is important for us. More than one third of our employees have been longer than 10 years with us and still today we are happy about every new family member we can welcome. Slowly but steadily, we are approaching the 100-employee mark. It is important for us to grow healthily and sustainably, to onboard every new colleague with pleasure.

It all started in Zurich where we changed from being purely consultants to being specialists for IT outsourcing and providers of solutions for national and international companies. Always being absolutely professional, lean in administration and deeply involved in customer contact, thereby providing the basis for our long-lasting relationships with clients and suppliers, in some cases for more than 20 years.

Heidi and Urs started with the idea of becoming dedicated network and security specialists. We gradually expanded our areas of expertise. Additionally to this, we have started to offer our clients a secure haven in a private cloud for all data that needs to remain in Switzerland or simply needs being managed by a professional. This is done in two geo-redundant datacenters within
Switzerland with backup storage in a dedicated third datacenter, which all meet federal and banking requirements.

With our latest innovation, we are creating our own Identity, Certificate and Access Management solutions and offer this not only within our diverse outsourcing services, but also as a separate solution for our clients. We live and work according to our values and blend our professionalism, innovation, openness and honesty with kindness, fun and the feeling of being a family. This is what our unique spirit is about!

History at a glance

2001Founded by Urs Reist and Heidi Reist Jöhl
2003Opened primary datacenter
2006Reist Telecom Consultancy goes Reist Telecom GmbH
2007Moved to Obstgartenstrasse in Kloten (today’s location)
2010Opened redundant secondary datacenter, opened office Basel
2011ISO 20k Certification, 10 years Reist Telecom, started with Private Cloud Services
2014Moved primary datacenter
2015Opened Identity & Access Management office in Puidoux, opened office Cham
2016Opened backup datacenter Zurich
2019Management Buyout by Roli Estermann and Philipp Hofstetter
202120th anniversary (no celebration because of COVID, but planned for the 25th anniversary)
2021ISO 27k Certification
2022Reist Telecom GmbH goes AG
Being like a family – this is what makes us successful.

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